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Measuring for a T Shape Hearth Guide

What you will need:

A straight edge, a measuring tape, a piece of paper and a pencil.


Using your pencil and paper, draw a rough diagram of the shape of your T shaped hearth so that you can jot down the measurements. Once you have drawn the diagram, you will need to label the sides A-H.


The first measurement you are going to take is how wide you want your hearth to be, this will be labelled ‘side B’.

Make sure to check building regulations as this will impact how wide your hearth can be.


The next step will be measuring the depth. In order to do this, you will need to take your straight edge and put it against the wall, and then measure both sides from the back for the straight edge to the front. This measurement will be A and C.


You're now going to measure side E and side G; you need to take the shortest measurement and minus 5mm to allow for expansion. This measurement will now become the length for both side E.


The fifth step is to take three measurements from side E to G; the front, the middle and the back. From these measurements, you need to take the shortest measurement and minus 10mm (5 mm from either side), this allows for expansion. That gap can then be filled with cement or silicone – see the installation video for more information on this. This measurement is known as side F.

You now have all the measurements you need to complete our quick and easy quoting tool and to order your hearth. For more information check out our hearth installation guide.

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