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What is boxed and lipped?

Boxed is when a piece of thin stone that is glued around the edge of the hearth to raise the height, this is generally used when you are covering an existing hearth or raising the height over a floor finish.  The risers can be flush with the hearth or set back please see our blog article here

What thickness is best?

20 or 30mm are fine for most installs but hearths can be boxed and lipped to achieve any heights, see further detail here

What size does my hearth need to be?

Please see the current building regs, we recommend consulting a hetas approved installer

How do I measure for my hearth?

Please see our video or guide

How do Installation?

Please see our video or guide

Do I need to seal?

Our hearths come sealed so will not need sealing, you can purchase a slate of granite care kit to maintain your hearth here


If you order a 2 piece hearth you can either join with tile grout, heat rated silicone or butt the 2 pieces tight together

How do I order a bespoke hearth?

Using our bespoke quote tool here or upload a sketch here, we have a video here to explain how to complete an online quote

When should I order my hearth?

Our hearths take just 5-10 days to be delivered but we recommend getting your hearth on site a week before installation in case on the rare occasion there are any delays in delivery or and damage

How heavy is a fire hearth? 

This depends on the size of your hearth, the weight of your hearth will be included in your quote.

Should my fire hearth be made of one or two pieces?

For fire baskets and some high BTU log burners we recommend 2 pieces as 1 piece hearths can crack.  It is also advisable to specify 2 pieces if your hearth is extremely large as it makes it easier to handle and fit.  A 2 piece hearth will be cheaper than a 1 piece as there isnt any wastage when cutting.

Can I return my hearth if I measure it incorrectly? 

Unfortunately not, bespoke hearths are cut to your exact requirements so cannot be resold

What are slips and back panels?

Fireplace slips or inserts and back panels are installed between the fire surround and fireplace opening.  They can also be installed around the outside of a cassette in wall log burner.

For more details on slips, please see our blog article here

Can I tile my hearths?

Yes we supply brick tiles, but you can also request bespoke tiles sizes to create your hearth or finish the inside of your chimney opening. Read our how to blog for further information

What is the best stone for my fire hearth?

This will depend on your exact requirements, such as heat, thickness and design scheme.  The best stone for a fire hearth is typically a dense and heat-resistant stone such as granite, slate. These stones are able to withstand high temperatures without cracking or discoloration. Quartz can be used for bioethanol and gas and Dekton for log burners and gas but not fire baskets.

How much does a bespoke hearth cost?

The cost of a custom hearth can vary widely depending on several factors, including the size, materials used, design complexity, and location. On average, the cost of a custom hearth can range from £100 to £500 or more. This cost typically includes the materials, labour, and installation. You can get and exact price using our instant quote tool for bespoke hearths of see standard hearths 

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