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Fitting a T shaped Hearth Guide

  1. Make sure the area is dust free by giving it a sweep or hoover, ensuring to lay any floor protection if required.
  2. Prior to mixing your sand and cement, we recommend dry fitting your hearth first to confirm it fits correctly and to see how level it sits.
  3. Now it is time to check how level your food is.
  4. The next step is to mix your sand and cement together (the mix should be 5 to 1, so 5 scoops of sharp sand and one scoop of cement). Thoroughly mix the sand and cement whilst dry, and then add water to achieve the correct consistency. We recommend this as the best option however if you have a soft floor you can use tile adhesive with a 5mm knots trough. 
  5. Lay your concrete and the back of your hearth. When laying a two piece hearth, we recommend using slightly more cement for the back hearth, so it sits slightly higher. This will enable you to level and fit the heavier front hearth and then level the back hearth to it. Now layer 25mm bed of your mix, roughly the same shape of your hearth and rough the surface of your bed with a trough.
  6. Now it is time to lay the front hearth, tap down all over to ensure level and ensure a good bond. You can now tap down the back hearth, level with the front… 

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